ArborGen is a leading global provider in forest biotechnology, having conducted nearly 900 field trials containing roughly a million trees. We have a fully integrated technology platform for introducing, testing and commercialising trees. Our freeze tolerant tropical Eucalyptus product (AGEH427) is currently going through the government review process for deregulation in the United States. This tree combines the fast-growing and highly desirable fibre quality characteristics of a proven Eucalyptus variety grown in Brazil with the ability to withstand freezing temperatures. Eucalyptus is widely regarded as the fastest growing hardwood fibre and is particularly well-suited for the production of high-quality pulp and paper. Eucalyptus is typically harvested after seven years of growth in countries like Brazil, yielding an average of 17 green tons per acre per year. Using Eucalytptus plantations could save our native forests for future generations.

biotech treesOur first-generation freeze tolerant tropical Eucalyptus, targeted at the southeastern United States, is designed to have growth and quality traits comparable to Eucalyptus in Brazil and to grow in areas significantly farther north than the areas in which conventional tropical Eucalyptus is currently grown. Other traits ArborGen continues to research include improved growth and wood quality, increased density and drought tolerance as well as bioenergy possibilities. Several of our projects are in conjunction with academic collaborators including the BioEnergy Science Centre (BESC), University of Georgia and University of Florida.

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