Forest ManagmentSilviculture is the art and science of growing trees to meet specific management objectives. To ensure that our seedlings meet their full potential and provide the best return on the dollar for our customers, ArborGen develops management regimes to support improved growth and yield. We start with the best tree we can breed with the most advanced genetics. But without the fundamental elements for getting the most out of growing that seedling, including water, fertiliser, competition control and pest management, the full potential of the tree would not be realised.

ArborGen excels at finding the best management practices for growing our seedlings into strong, healthy trees. Our reputation for expertise in the growth and care of our products is unmatched. The company uses both traditional silvicultural practice as well as creating innovative management plans like our new FlexStand® System, which enables landowners to target both traditional forest product markets as well as the emerging bioenergy market in the United States. It is this level of commitment, expertise, innovation and understanding that gives every SuperTree Seedling® true added value.