ArborGen is a global leader in Pine Varietal (or clone) production. Varietals are the best individual trees, selected from the over 3,000 individuals we have trialed across more than 90 sites across New Zealand and parts of Australia. Each Varietal is a genetic replica providing the greatest degree of stand uniformity yielding the highest value per hectare of all ArborGen products.
Varietals can be reproduced in large quantities using somatic embryogenesis. This is a proprietary laboratory process that uses non-embryonic tissue, such as seed, to initiate and develop embryonic material in tissue culture. Somatic embryos are nurtured until they develop into independently growing plantlets, at which time they can be propagated by standard nursery production methods. This enables the cost effective production of millions of genetically identical, superior genetics radiata pines. The very best embryos can be cryostored for many years.  Our Varietal or clone SuperTree Seedlings® are selected for:

    • Fast growth
    • Improved form
    • Branching habit
    • Wood quality
    • Disease resistance