We operate a Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) approved Post Entry Quarantine (PEQ) facility at our Te Teko, Bay of Plenty site in New Zealand.

Our PEQ facility includes a Level 3 tissue culture laboratory and Levels 2 and 3A greenhouse facility comprising four Level 2 and two Level 3a individual environments.

A full range of quarantine services is offered to external customers from the development and management of tissue cultures from imported dormant budwood, or imported in vitro material, through to ex flasking and growing on in a greenhouse environment through the formal pre-determined testing phase.

Post PEQ release, we are also able to offer bulking up services (tissue culture multiplication and/or vegetative cuttings) and produce plants to ensure you can get your new cultivars to the market in the shortest possible timeframe.

Pricing for all services is available on application and determined by individual business requirements. Prior to making an enquiry, please establish the individual import requirements for your genus of interest by visiting the MPI Plant Imports website and checking the Import Health Standard 155.02.06.

For enquiries regarding the ArborGen PEQ facility, please contact Jude Redington (Registered Facility Operator);

Mobile: 021 983 293

Email: jude.redington@arborgen.co.nz