Radiata Pine (Pinus radiata)

The Radiata Pine, originally a native of California, is the most widely-grown plantation forest tree species in both New Zealand and Australia.   It has a straight trunk, open crown, and grows up to 60 meters tall under cultivation. In good growing conditions, a hectare of Radiata Pine trees in New Zealand can produce around 840 cubic meters of wood when harvested at 28 years. Timber is used for building, other joinery, furniture, plywood, and other panels, and wood residues are used for paper production.
Available as seedlings (open pollinatedcontrol pollinated) and cuttings (control pollinated and clones), all in bareroot and container options.

For sites that are elevated or otherwise harsh (snow, drought) and unsuitable for Radiata Pine and where Douglas-fir is not an option, we also offer Ponderosa Pine (Pinus ponderosa), Corsican Pine (Pinus nigra), and a range of Pine hybrids (hybrids of Pinus radiata and Pinus attenuata).

Bareroot tree stocks are produced by sowing seed or setting cuttings into formed beds in a nursery. Depending on tree species and nursery geographic location, bareroot seedlings and cuttings take between one and two years to reach maturity before being ready for harvest and forest planting.

Container tree stocks are produced by sowing seed or setting cuttings into standard diameter cells that contain an optimized growing media blend. Container tree stocks can be delivered over a wider seasonal timeframe, allowing customers to plant in “shoulder” months (earlier, and later, than the typical bare-root planting window).